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Our Male:

GC NorseStar TJ of Nattevind



GC GB*Maelstrom Theoi Mystikoi


GC GB*Maelstrom Theoi Mystikoi

NFO a 09 23

born October 4, 2003

My lovely new boy from Maelstrom Cattery in Soouthampton, UK.  

Thanks Kate and Doug for this sweet  and beautiful little man!

More pictures of Theo

Theo's Pedigree


RW SGC Nattevind's Doron Mander

QGC Nattevind's Doron Mander

Born November 17, 2003 and owned by Bobbi Smith, 

More Pictures of Doron

Doron's Pedigree


GCA Nattevind's Arsaell Grimur - "Arsee"

Male Blue mackerel tabby with white/ Born November 27, 2001

CH Nattevind's Arsaell Grimur

Father of:

"D" Litter

More pictures of Arsee

Arsee's Pedigree



  Second Best Norwegian Forest Cat Kitten in TICA South Central Region for the show year 2002 - 2003..

Houston, TX CFA International Cat Show Nov. 22 - 24, 2002 Second BOB Norwegian Forest Cat AND Arsee became a CFA Champion!
Oklahoma City, OK May 25 - 26, 2002 7 x BOB, 7 finals, 2nd best all breed kitten
Fort Worth, TX June 15 - 16, 2002 5 x BOB, 5 finals, 2nd best LH kitten (of 42)
San Antonio, TX July 20 - 21, 2002 6 x BOB, 2 Finals, 8th and 10th best kitten







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