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The Link's Page:

Health Related Sites:

The Winn Feline Foundation

The Feline PKD Homepage

Texas A&M University: College of Veterinary Medicine

Cornell University Veterinary Medicine

The Josephine Deubler Genetic Disease Testing Laboratory


The UK Club for the Norwegian Forest Cat     

Cat Fancier's Association, Inc.

Norwegian Forest Cat Fancier's Association


Breeder Web Sites:

My personal favorite:    Maelstrom Cattery

Some great friends close by:    Fjord's

Another Houston area breeder:    Ouijakatz Cattery

Visit Cheryl and her beautiful cats at :    Winterfyre Cattery

For the most inclusive and totally AWESOME listing of Norwegian Forest Cat breeders, please check out the

 amazing job done by Wim and Roelie Wirt at:     Cattery Skogen's Best

Rozzi's family in Sweden:    S*Mar'Michel's Cattery




Norwegian Forest Cat Banner Network