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Norwegian Forest Cats

Updated 01/09/2011

It's been so long, but at last we have kittens!!!

Please welcome the "Q" litter, 3 darling little boys:

Nattevind's "Q" Litter





Nattevind has moved!  We are back in Utah after 10 years in Houston, TX.



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Nattevind Cattery  is a breeder member of the Norwegian Forest Cat Fancier's Association and abides by the NFCFA's Code of Ethics.  



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Nattevind is a  member of the CFA NFC Breed Council


I live here in  Utah with my beautiful Norwegian forest cats.  Since the arrival of my first wegie, Laisi, from the UK I have discovered a whole new world and a true devotion to this incredible breed.  The "Skogkatt" is a large cat that is very playful and energetic, extremely sweet and gentle natured, as well as a total treat to the eye.  My goal in breeding is to maintain the fabulous personality and the wonderful type found in the original foundation cats and keep this "Natural" breed as close to truly natural as possible.  The Wegie is typically a very healthy breed.  To ensure good health is always a primary goal, all  of my breeding  cats are blood-typed, DNA tested for GSD IV and tested to maintain my status as a FELV/FIV free cattery.  Kittens and adults have close veterinary supervision naturally including all necessary vaccinations and routine examinations.  Of equal importance to all the above, my kittens are raised in the house and underfoot with as much love, cuddling and attention as they can possibly handle.


Nattevind  maintains membership in  TICA's Norwegian Forest Cat breed section.    

If you have any questions or comments, please send me a mail!  I would love to hear from you and discuss my favorite topic, the Norwegian Forest Cat....

Sharon Pickrell

NFCFA Mid-Pacific Regional Direction, 2010-present

NFCFA South Central Regional Director, 2006-2008

Utah County, UT USA


Thank you for visiting My site!  I hope you enjoyed it!


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