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Nattevind's "M" Litter

Born July 24, 2007


Weight chart

Nattevind MedÓrd Kalman (Available)

"Great, Strong; Strong and manly"

Male blue MacTabby with high white (A 09 23)

Nattevind MedÓrd Kalman


Nattevind Melanchthon Keir (Reserved)

"Black flower; Dark skinned"

Male black with high white (NFC N 09)

Nattevind Melanchthon Keir


Nattevind MenyhŔrt Keefe (Sold)

"Royal light; Loveable and handsome, Noble"

Male Blue Mactabby with high white (NFC A 09 23)

Nattevind MenyhŔrt Keefe